Welcome to River Restoration Analysis Tool, or RiverRAT. River RAT is a river project development and evaluation tool. It was developed to facilitate consistent and thorough evaluation of the potential impacts of proposed projects on river habitat. The tool is supported by a source document that provides a comprehensive synthesis of the watershed and river sciences relevant to restoration planning and design, a project risk evaluation matrix, and a separate comprehensive checklist of information necessary to review project proposals.

The RiverRAT tool will walk you through a series of 16 questions that parallel the phases of restoration project development. Each question is designed to help you evaluate whether a project has addressed fundamental considerations at each step of the project development process. You will be able to record your responses and thoughts for each question, and print a final report to document your review.

If you would like to explore RiverRAT click here. If the tool suits your needs, please visit the NOAA homepage to request a user account and password. A link to the NOAA site is provided under "Notice to Users" at right.

Download the Science Base for Evaluating Stream Project Proposals - (PDF 4MB)

Download the Screening Matrix

Download the Project Information Checklist

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